Quien Somos


Why in Store-Store Radio?

* In-store radio is the most effective medium for 
flexibility and efficiency in a marketing campaign.
In-store radio is unmatched in its ability to:

- Deliver targeted reach.
- Create strong brand and message recognition
- Offer a variety of tie-ins or cross promotions.
- Reach consumers during peak "purchasing receptivity"
- Respond to shorter lead times for quick, timely copy changes

* In-store radio is unique. You can micro-target messaging to 
connect with hard to reach consumers, strengthening recall of 
messages heard elsewhere during the course of the day.


Radio Mercado:
Radio Mercado is a one of a kind in-store radio station

that broadcasts LIVE in the United States and is

supported by the entertainment music industry.

Our music format includes all the top Latin mega

hits sprinkled with the best general market classic



The music is interspersed with LIVE promotional announcements, advertising commercials, artist interviews, and customer engagement! Radio Mercado is capable of offering its listeners one in a life time experiences with celebrities and top recording artists due to high involvement in the entertainment music industry.
The Radio Mercado network is produced digitally by an internationally renowned experienced programming team. Our studios and audio signals were designed by award winning radio broadcast engineers to provide excellent sound quality.
Radio Mercado provides supermarkets with a customized radio station which broadcasts live during business hours, seven days a week.
The station has improved the overall shopping experience at supermarkets. As research shows when ads are combined with the right music selection, it improves the environment, giving the customer a sense of belonging. This results in higher ad message retention and intent to purchase, as well as, increase in sales.